Keep your head up. Stop. Please don’t run away. We all loose sometimes. But life is often sweet like cotton candy. Treat today like a snow day. Youth glazed over with hope. Allow the fun to roll over you with reckless abandon. Breathe. Keep your head up. Your chin should never touch the floor. Sure … Continue reading

Bad Spelling. Large Feet.

spitting fire. a women will desire. an admirer. that will desire her. bangining towards infinity she has ruled. yes, offcourse we were fouled, fooled, and schooled. yet still we ruled. military surveillance equipment dissecting different combative network patterns. You seem to consider this punishmint but russian flint is superior. especially compared to where we once … Continue reading

To be in the flow.

Just because they don’t test for it doesn’t mean I’d travel west for it. It was an eyesore before it was even constructed. Another project lost in the budget. The books were cooked. Yes, we fudged it. Destroyed the playing field. While the dealer dealt upon crisp, new felt. Money, it’s power and aura destined to shatter the heart. … Continue reading